Who we are

To make our young and elder spectators happy with art that inspires.

Quality entertainment for children and young spectators – a truly professional approach and 75 years of excellent art.

The theatre’s artistic production has explored every genre and style from puppet miniature through music stories, pantomime, theatre of shadows, comedy, satire and grotesque to the heroic epic performance.

The group of actors has played and maintains in its repertoire unforgettable classical works by Charles Perrault, Wilhelm Hauff, Hans Christian Andersen, Exupery, Pushkin, Boccaccio, Tostoy, Shakespeare, the Grimm Brothers, Goldoni, Moliere, as well as mane Bulgarian authors who have long been part of the child dramaturgy treasure like Valery Petrov, Yordan Radichkov, Rada Moskova, Boris Aprilov, Ivan Teofilov etc.

Every year the theatre has more than 20 titles in its repertoire, performs on stage more than 650 times and prepares up to 6 new performances every season, showing high quality theatre for children and adults with more than 65 000 spectators annually.

The actors enjoy the love and loyalty of their audience, together with numerous national and international awards, building a reputation of artistic and professional excellence.

On 23 May 2001 the internationally famous Central Puppet Theatre was renamed Sofia Puppet Theatre and became one of the cultural institutes of the Sofia Municipality. It is a repertoire theatre formation with a permanent group, technical and administrative staff, two stages (main on 14 Gurko Street and second on 19 Yanko Sakazov Street) and studios for production of puppets and scenery, as well as an equipped sound recording studio.