The Story of a Seagull and the Gang of Tomcats

by Luis Sepulveda

50 min.
Dramatization: Katya Petrova, Ina Bozhidarova
Director: Katya Petrova
Scenography: Maja Petrova
Composer: Stoyan Royanov
Video and multimedia: Sotir Gelev
Visual effects: Svetlozar Georgiev
Cast: Marieta Petrova, Maia Bejanska, Rumen Gavanozov, Rumen Ugrinski, Rosen Zahariev - Roko, Cvetelin Pavlov
We are all part of planet Earth. It is our home. It treats us with love and understanding. It is generous, beautiful and eternal. It gives us tenderness and shelter. It gives as much as it can and we, the humans appropriate it, trample it, destroy it, turn it into a huge dunghill. HOW DO YOU THINK IT FEELS LIKE?

People’s negligence causes daily harm to the ocean, the forests, plants and animals... and to a bird that falls into an oil spill. With the final energy it has left, it laid an egg...

This performance is a stage adaptation of a novel by Luis Sepulveda. It involves us in the adventures of a gang of Tomcats that engaged in the unusual task of bringing up a seagull and teaching it how ... to fly.
Dedicated to Daphie
Katya Petrova

For children over 5 years

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