Hans Christian Andersen

for kids over 5 years
50 min.
Dramatization and directing: Todor Vulov
: Kremena Pencheva - Sokerova
Scenography: Dimitur Dimitrov, Iva Gikova
Puppets: Kremena Pencheva - Sokerova
Constructive solution: Dimitur Dimitrov, Iva Gikova
Music: Plamen Mirchev - Mirona
Cast: Marieta Petrova, Vencislava Asenova, Kamen Asenov, Zdravko Dimitrov, Georgi Stoyanov, Dimitar Todorov


based on H. Ch. Andersen
Directing and dramaturgy: Todor Valov
Scenography idea: Kremena Pencheva – Sokerova
Scenography: D
imitar Dimitrov, Iva Gikova
Puppets: Kremena Pencheva – Sokerova
Structural solution: D
imitar Dimitrov, Iva Gikova
Music: Plamen Mirchev-Mirona
Cast: Ventsislava Asenova, Marieta Petrova, Kamen Asenov,
Zdravko DImitrov, Georgi Stoyanov, Dimitar Todorov
Compassion, love of mankind, spiritual integrity and purity are all Christian and moral values, which have lit up the road of human hope for a better world through the darkness of the past centuries until today.
A little girl sells matches in the cold Christmas night..., but no one buys any...
Why did the people the poor girl met pass by indifferently or cursed? Why didn’t anyone buy just one box of matches? Why were philanthropy, generosity and compassion absent and the people’s hearts frozen in the cold festive winter night?

Even the genius of fairy tales Hans Christian Andersen has not given an answer to these questions. The story is a reproach and accusation to human indifference and egoism. The wealth and misery of human soul are often in reverse proportion to the wealth and misery of the material situation of human life.
This story urges us to take a deep inward look and consider whether our souls, hearts and thoughts are light enough. The flame of a match gives life to all that the poor frozen little girl can only dream of.
Therefore the soul of the Little Match Girl merges with this flame and raises up to the starry sky to turn into a bright star...  

22 September, 12.00 h., in SOFIA PUPPET THEATRE, 14 GURKO auditorium
Duration: 50 minFor children aged 5+


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