Based on Brothers Grimm

Based on Brothers Grimm
for kids over 5 years
50 min.
Dramatization: Veselin Bojdev, Todor Vulov
Production: Todor Vulov
Scenography: Stefka Kyuvlieva
Puppet and costumes: Stefka Kyuvlieva
Musical adaptation: Plamen Mirchev - Mirona
Cast: Mimi Jordanova, Ivet Lazatova - Torosyan, Nella Hadzhieva, Stefan Dimitrov
Which is more terrible: to kiss a frog or to be doomed to live in a swamp as a frog? Is anything sillier than the vanity and pretenses of being more than you really are?

“The Frog Prince” is a comic, romantic and naively funny story of a spoiled and и whimsical princess who kissed a frog and he turned into a handsome prince.

This is a story of how important it is for a person to keep her promises and be responsible for his deeds.

This performance presents the familiar classical fairy tale as a comic opera. This is a performing mocking of insincere words, false promises, stupidity, vanity and excessive mannerism.

This performance is a caricature of the falseness in the human relationships both in life, and among the actors on the stage and behind it. In this performance the cliched puppet characters (princess, king, witch, prince) and the cliched actors with their collisions and specific behavior become the object of ironic comments and parodies.

“The Frog Prince” is a performance in the show, theater in the theater е... The two layers of the performance evolve in parallel and complete each other.

We wish our young and grown-up spectators lots of sincere laughter!

Todor Valov, director


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