Directed by Maria Banova

for kids 2+ years
35 min.
Director: Maria Banova
Calisthenics: Anna Pampulova
Music: Dimo Stoyanov (P.I.F.)
Cast: Vania Kamianska, Dilyana Spasova, Stefan Dimitrov, Stoyan Dojchev

“Smile!” is a visual, sensory and explorative performance designed for children between 0 and 3 years, which creates an art environment with theatrical means of expression that teases the curiosity and the senses of a child, their hearing and sight and contributes to their movement culture.
"Smile!" is a special gesture to the youngest children and their parents in their first steps, the joy of communication and the first meetings with art and puppetry!
"Smile!" is aligned with the specific features of the development of a child in its earliest age and its need to get to know the world while playing. It is a proven fact that playing is the core means of acquiring the necessary information about the surrounding world for a child. Therefore "Smile!" implies basic models of education and development presented in a funny manner with lots of music in a theatre performance.

"Smile!" is tailored to the peculiarities of the child's development during his earliest age and his need to learn about the world around him through play.

Duration: 35 min. For children between 0 and 3 years.
Visual, non-verbal theater.


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13 , 10.30(Salon Gurko 14)
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13 , 11.30(Salon Gurko 14)
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събота  и неделя - от 10.00 до 18.00 ч.  /ако няма следобедни представления - до 14 ч./
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