Puss in Boots

based on Charles Perrault

Puss in Boots
based on Charles Perrault
for kids over 5 years
50 min.
Dramatization and directing: Teodora Popova
Scenography: Natalia Gocheva
Music: Misho Shishkov
Cast: Elena Rusalieva, Ivet Lazatova - Torosyan, Kamen Asenov, Todor Dimitrov
Although written more than 300 years ago, the story of Puss in Boots is still one of the most popular and best loved stories for children.

A Puss will manage to turn his Master – the poor son of a miller, into a Prince. It only takes a pinch of shrewdness, a pinch of courage, a little time and … A pair of brand new boots!

Performance for children over 5 years’ old.

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