Astrid Lindgren

Astrid Lindgren
for kids 6+ years
60 min.
Dramatization and directing: Todor Vulov
Scenography: Ivajlo Nikolov
Puppet and costumes: Iva Gikova
Music: Plamen Mirchev - Mirona
Multimedia: Teodor Kiryakov
Cast: Georgi Stoyanov, Dimitar Todorov, Zhivko Dzhuranov, Iren Lazarova, Lyubomir Genchev, Marian Rangelov, Marieta Petrova, Stefan Dimitrov, Hristo Dimitrov, Cvetoslava Simeonova
What is this Karlsson? The imagined character of a seven-year-old boy, a weird fat flying man, an extraterrestrial or…………what is he?

Karlsson is a nostalgic memory from childhood and an emblematic character for the generation of the end-60’s and the 70’s of the 20th century... He is the eternal hippie, the child that has not grown up, a fairy image of the impulse for unlimited and irresponsible freedom. Karlsson is selfish and bighead, childishly changeable and cheating, gourmand and impatient, emotionally unstable and irritable... That is to say, he combines all that we would not want our friend to be!... And yet, the Lillebror believes Karlsson to be his best friend! Perhaps because he comes to Lillebror at the most critical moments after long expectation... And from the roof the stars seem more beautiful and brighter than from the room window...

Nowadays Karlsson is fighting for his right to be different from the cliché characters, imposed through the mass media, films and commercials. They are capturing our minds, robbing our privacy and imagination, offering and establishing models of behavior and heroes to follow, while Karlsson has preserved his unique personality.

Todor Valov

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