Based on the tale “Juan Darien” by Horacio Quiroga

for kids over 5 год. years
55 min.
Dramatization and Screenplay: Katya Petrova
Scenography: Maja Petrova
Music: Hristo Jocov
Cast: Maia Bejanska, Mila Kolarova, Vania Kamianska, Ana-Maria Lalova, Mimi Jordanova, Cvetelin Pavlov
based on the tale “Juan Darien” by Horacio Quiroga

Dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the SOFIA PUPPET THEATRE

Drama version and production: Katya Petrova
Scenography: Maya Petrova
Music: Hristo Yotsov
Cast: Maya Bezhanska, Mila Kolarova, Vanya Kamyanska, Ana-Maria Lalova, Mimi Yordanova, Tsvetelin Pavlov

            The performance “Juan Darien, the tiger boy” by Horacio Quiroga promotes a well-known but eternal idea: love can change the world and make it better, while hatred can destroy it. Mysterious and inexplicable turns of fate put the characters to trials that reveal their inner essence. The infinite love of a mother transforms a little tiger into a boy and the human hatred transforms him back into a wild beast. Spectators cannot help but ask themselves whether people can sometimes be crueler than the animals, which fight for their survival?
            You will see an attractive performance based on contrasts that combines puppets, masks and animation of objects. Rituals are an essential component of this performance. Each performing actor does everything – narrates, comments, plays with the puppets and musical instruments with dedication and grace, simple means and great mastery.

Duration: 55 min. For children aged 5+.

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събота  и неделя - от 10.00 до 18.00 ч.  /ако няма следобедни представления - до 14 ч./
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