for kids 6 years
Cast: Galina Savova, Georgi Stoyanov, Elena Rusalieva, Ivet Lazatova - Torosyan, Iren Lazarova, Lyubomir Genchev, Marieta Petrova, Marian Rangelov, Mimi Jordanova, Tatyana Etimova
Directing, Stage Design, Musical Formation and Visual Effects
Bonio Lungov and Konstantin Karakostov
voice - Vasil Binev
Photos - Petko Lungov

Dear friends, we invite you to a trip, born out of our imagination. It will help us tell you several stories. Reality and imagination constantly interweave in human life. Sometimes people dream of being free as birds, of flying and reaching the sun and even catching it. Let’s dream and discover the beauty of life, following the flight of human imagination!
"Imagination Game" is a visual music performance with no text with improvised puppets, images and pictures, created and animated before the spectators. Thanks to their imagination for one instance the children will discover everything around them in an extraordinary way.
Watch our tale of life as we imagine it – in a sea of dreams!

Visual, non-verbal theater.

София, Билетна каса ул. “Ген. Гурко” 14
Тел. каса: 02 988 54 16
Работно време:
понеделник - ПОЧИВЕН ДЕН !!!
вторник - петък - от 10.00 до 18.00 ч.
събота  и неделя - от 10.00 до 18.00 ч.  /ако няма следобедни представления - до 14 ч./
В дните, в които има вечерни представления касата
работи до началото на представлението.

София, Билетна каса бул. “Янко Сакъзов” 19
тел. 02 944 14 24

събота  и неделя - от 10.00 до 18.00 ч.  /ако няма следобедни представления - до 14 ч./
В делнични дни: когато има представление, 1 час преди началото на представлението