for adults
75 min.
Author: Duda Pajva
Play and choreography: Duda Pajva
Scenography: Yaka Ivanch
Puppets: Dzhim Barnard
Costumes: Yulian Tabakov
Assistant producer: Manuela Sarkisyan
Cast: Cvetoslava Simeonova, Ivet Lazatova - Torosyan, Dimitar Todorov, Marieta Petrova, Ivan Rajkov
The man in the absurd trap of the technological advance that makes his life on Earth a paradise and hell at the same time depending on the circumstances! The man in the network of his own fears and inferiority complexes!

“Holy” is a tragic-comic multi-genre performance combining puppet and dance theatre with multimedia. Duda Paiva examines the human body in an emotionally saturated situation with all its limitations and absurdities.

A family celebration – the birthday of mother Rebecca gathers three generations together. The biblical Secret is featured here from a contemporary angle, where the two daughters and the husband of one of them are the protagonists together with mother Rebecca. During the odd celebration the audience pees into the innermost secrets of each character until the lead one Rebecca experiences an almost surreal physical transformation before everyone present. The different characters respond differently to this unexpected twist: their responses are extreme but entirely spontaneous, even when they seem absurd.

In this performance Duda Paiva plays with the scale of the objects and puppets. The characters and objects of various dimensions bring a fantasy perspective into the dramaturgy, enhanced by the effect of the multimedia used in the spirit of the “reality” aesthetics.


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събота  и неделя - от 10.00 до 18.00 ч.  /ако няма следобедни представления - до 14 ч./
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