How do I get to the puppet theater?
On this website you can find links to maps and information on how to reach both of our theater locations using public transportation. The addresses are as follows:
General Gurko Street 14
Yanko Sakuzov Boulevard 19

How can I find out what is playing at the puppet theater?
On the theater’s website you will find a listing of the current week’s performances, as well as a monthly listing. The Capitol City Puppet Theater’s performance schedule is published in nearly all periodicals in Sofia. The same information can also be found on numerous websites, Teletext, and so on. The theater’s box office has brochures featuring color photos from plays that are part of the current monthly program.

Where can I find more information about the plays performed at the puppet theater?The Capitol Puppet Theater’s website features short synopses of all plays in its repertoire. Short synopses of our plays are often published in periodicals as well. More information can also be obtained at the theater’s box offices.

When does the puppet theater have performances?
The puppet theater offers performances open to the general public every Saturday and Sunday. During the week, your children may have an opportunity to attend one of our performances if arranged by a public school or kindergarten. For more information about performances for students, ask the teachers at your child’s school.

How long do the puppet theater’s performances last? Is there an intermission?
The puppet theater’s performances are relatively short, averaging about fifty minutes; thus, an intermission is unnecessary. However, if your child needs to leave the auditorium during a performance, he or she is welcome to do so.

Where can I buy tickets?
Tickets can be purchased at the box offices of both puppet theater locations. The theater at General Gurko Street 14 is open Tuesday through Thursday from 11:00 until 18:00, and from Friday to Sunday from 9:00 until 18:00.

The theater has also entered into agreements with certain private ticket distributors; however, when using the services of such third-party distributors, please demand proper documentation.

How much do tickets cost?
The price of tickets are 5 and 6 leva, depending on the play and on which area of the auditorium you wish to sit in – tickets for front-row seats are the most expensive. The price of tickets for the perfonces at the evening are 8, 10, 12 and 15 leva.

Does the theater have any discounted or sale-priced tickets?
There are special discounted group rates for week-day performances.

What happens if I have purchased a ticket but am not able to use it?
It is possible to exchange a ticket you are not able to use for a ticket to a different performance, as long as such an exchange is made at least one day in advance of the performance date of the original ticket. If the performance has already taken place, no refunds will be given for unused tickets.

How old do my children need to be in order to go to the puppet theater?
Information about the appropriate age-level for each performance is usually included wherever the theater’s current program is published. The typical age-range of our audiences is between three and ten years of age; however, we sometimes offer works aimed at older audiences. More detailed information can be found on the Capitol City Puppet Theater’s website or at our box offices.

My child does not speak Bulgarian – is there a language barrier, or will he or she be able to understand the performance?
The puppet theater’s format, which uses a wealth of color and engages in a visual dialogue with the audience, allows our performances to be enjoyed even by children who do not understand Bulgarian. Nevertheless, please ask the advice of the box office staff as to which works would be most suitable for non-Bulgarian speakers.