Slavcho Malenov

for kids over 4 years
50 min
Director: Slavcho Malenov
Stage and puppet design: Silva Buchvarova
Music: Vladimir Dzhambazov
Puppeteer: Marian Sejkov
Cast: Elena Rusalieva, Nella Hadzhieva, Stanimir Gamov, Zdravko Dimitrov, Todor Dimitrov, Ivet Lazatova - Torosyan
The young Slaveyko and the pretty maiden Lula have promised to marry each other but the Dragon kidnaps her. Going through many dangers, the hero Slaveyko manages to get back his love.

This magical and fun story ends up with a magnificent wedding party with not one, but two couples.

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София, Билетна каса бул. “Янко Сакъзов” 19
тел. 02 944 14 24

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