Avenue Q

by Robert Lopez, Jeff Marx and Jeff Whitty

for adults
120 min.
Cast: Kamen Asenov, Vencislava Asenova, Cvetelin Pavlov, Pavleta Semova, Lili Geleva, Krustina Kokorska-Krista - guest, Gyorgi Georgiev-Antika, Mila Lyuckanova, Mihaela Simeonova, Sus specialnoto uchastie na Rafi Bohosyan v rolyata na Gari Kolman, i s uchastieto na Angel Nikolov - piano
Broadway adult musical
Music and Lyrics by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx
Book by Jeff Whitty (based on Original Concept by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx)
Translated into Bulgarian by Lyubov Kostova

Lyrics translated by Desislava Sofranova
Directed by West Hyler (USA) and Petar Kaukov
Casting: Shelly Butler (USA)
Scenography and costumes: Ivaylo Nikolov
Puppets: Dimitar Dimitrov 
& the workshops of SPT
Music director: Roberta
Choreography and light design: Rosen Mihaylov
Sound director: Danail Danailov-Dido

Cast: Kamen Asenov, Ventsislava Asenova, Tsvetelin Pavlov, Liliya Geleva/Krustina Kokorska-Krista, Georgi Georgiev-Antika, Pavleta Semova, Mila Lyutskanova/Mihaela Simeonova
With the special participation of Rafy Bohosyan as Gary Coleman and Milen Kukosharov and Angel Nikolov on the piano.
Originally Produced on Broadway by Kevin McCollum, Robyn Goodman, Jeffery Seller, Vineyard Theatre and The New Group.
This production presented by permission of MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL (Europe) and supported by the AMERICA FOR BULGARIA Foundation and the ART OFFICE Foundation.
          Avenue Q is an extremely entertaining adult musical featuring all the sensitive topics of our time in an unexpected way. Racism, xenophobia, gay communities, porno industry: all that is subject to well-intentioned humor, leading the audience to admitting and overcoming prejudices, realizing differences and recognizing diversity.
          Avenue Q is a merry parable of maturing and sharp satire of the problems faced by the young, raised as children by their parents and by television programs like the “Sesame street and how they should assume responsibility of their lives as adults. The confrontation with reality of a group of no-hopers, bearing the value system of the American democracy is quite topical at home. Here however you will be able to enjoy an exceptionally funny interpretation of the (seemingly) grave problems of life.
          We wish you a nice experience!
West Hyler и Petar Kaukov
Award IKAR 2018  for the actors team of the show, category "achievement in puppet art".
Recommended parent control – this show is not recommended for persons under 16.

The performance is played with subtitles in English.

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