Based on Brothers Grimm

for kids over 5 years
55 min.
Stage version and staging: Suni Suninski
Costumes: Svila Velichkova
Scenography and multimedia: Nikola Nalbantov
Music: Misho Shishkov
Cast: Ana-Maria Lalova, Vencislava Asenova, Elena Rusalieva, Stanimir Gamov, Cvetoslava Simeonova, Galina Savova
Dear small and large viewers,

Will tell you a story which, although fascinating minds of people around the world for centuries , deep down there is something sinister and incomprehensible.

Until today, it is hard to explain the motives of the parents who have to leave their children in the woods. Today, unfortunately this story is repeating itself in many parts of the world, and the reasons are always the same.

Poverty, unemployment and despair. Two children ( Hansel and Gretel ) placed in the forest (read: life) abandoned by their parents, will face many temptations. And the biggest challenge of the chocolate who will be living in the house?
Evil grandmother !

Who is this old woman today has her, is there a temptation lures ? Unfortunately for me, my dear young and old viewers will answer - yes, there is. So watch carefully dear viewers, and while watching - I think.

I hope you manage to protect you or if we can not, at least to warn you. The world is beautiful and sweet things in nature are dangerous and harmful. Now, make yourself comfortable as you wish pleasant viewing. And I almost forgot - and remember - be alert, because life today demands it.

Sunny Suninski

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