by William Shakespeare

by William Shakespeare
for adults
1 ч. 25 min.
Stage version and staging: Katya Petrova
Stage and puppet design: Rin Yamamura
Music: Hristo Jocov
Cast: Georgi Spasov, Maia Bejanska, Rumen Ugrinski, Rumen Gavanozov, Georgi Stoyanov, Dimitar Ivanov, Dimitar Todorov, Kamen Asenov, Marieta Petrova
When we were little children, we used to play with masks.
Later when we grew up, each of us has put a mask on, the mask that has transformed and deformed us to such an extent that we are no longer ourselves. And sometimes we tend to forget who we are and what we are...

“The Tempest” is the story of Prospero and his world. It is the story about his desire to reconcile the irreconcilable, to connect the fantasy to the reality, to settle his affairs with what we call a reality. This is a bitter tale of a man and his ambition to rule over the world and the people. It tells about his evil deeds, his internal struggles and himself, his nightmares and demons, but also forgiveness and repentance as the only way of recovering harmony, of the storm to subside and the sun to come out again. When a person gives up his desire for revenge for the evil deeds, he can free from his illusions, his pride and his anger...

Prospero’s death comes with the insight of forgiveness and reconciliation with the people as they are.
Are we ready to take off the masks and look at each other in the eyes?
“Because the rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance”.
Dedicated to Daphie
Katya Petrova

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