based on Karel Capek

60 min.
Stage adaptation: Katya Petrova
Set and costumes: Stanislava Krusteva
Music: Hristo Jocov
Cast: Rumen Ugrinski, Georgi Spasov, Stanimir Gamov, Rumen Gavanozov
A puppet theatre adaptation of the tales of our favourite author Karel Capek, where director Katya Petrova has involved popular and loved faces from the TV screen like Rumen Gavanozov, Stanimir Gamov and Rumen Ugrinski. As the director shared, it was the actors’ cast that inspired the script and in particular the guest actor Georgi Spasov who is in a way a protagonist of Frantisek Kral.

This performance is a collage of three of Karel Capek’s tales: “The Tramp’s Tale”, “A Long Tale for Doctors” and “A Long Tale About a Cat”, connected in a trip, a persecution and a happy end. Three detectives – Senor Faaat (Rumen Ugrinski), Senor Dodger (Rumen Gavanozov) and Mister Nosy (Stanimir Gamov) streak off to arrest Frantisek Kral (Georgi Spasov), but before they realize it, they are “infected” by his nobility and ingenuity.

The organic combination of varied means of expression – “live” acting, clown’s technique, animation of objects, puppets reminding exquisite miniature sculptures, freedom of improvisation that is “sized up” by the director where the brilliant actors’ quartet bravely indulge and, most certainly, produce a performance that is extraordinarily engrossing, entertaining, appealing and fascinating, as the great Karel Capek would say.

With the support of the Czech Cultural Centre.
For children over 6 years and adults.
Duration - around 60 min.  


София, Билетна каса ул. “Ген. Гурко” 14
Тел. каса: 02 988 54 16
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София, Билетна каса бул. “Янко Сакъзов” 19
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събота  и неделя - от 10.00 до 18.00 ч.  /ако няма следобедни представления - до 14 ч./
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